Morgania Elyse Moore


My work stems from an interest in imagery and composition, coupled with a love and fascination for the natural world. I am constantly working to fill my studio with unique objects and materials, enabling me to create pieces spontaneously. My jewelry collections range from simple brass and copper sometimes sliver to inlayed with solder, to necklaces collaged from salvaged objects. I often mix natural elements, such as bone, minerals, and glass together with unique designs.

The process of making jewelry requires an iron, a torch, and silver solder. Each piece of my soldered jewelry goes through a procedure of heating, cleansing, scrubbing and buffing, and finally burnishing. All of my work is made by hand with the goal of creating beautiful pieces which compliment the uniqueness of the wearer


- All jewelry is made with high quality brass and lead-free solder
- Necklaces are made with gold filled chain or thick solid brass chain and sliver chain
- All ear wires are gold filled or sterling silver, and earrings are mostly brass
-One of a kind works are made from 90% reclaimed materials and are considered a green product

IMPORTANT: If you have any product with vintage gelatin sequins, it is important that they  NEVER contact any moisture.  They will melt.


Brass naturally oxidizes (patinas) over time with the elements around us. You can enjoy the antique look of aged brass by doing nothing. Or, if you prefer a shiny look and the brass starts to patina, simply buff it back to brightness with a very fine nail file or brass polishing rag (available in any grocery, hardware, or drug store).

Keep your jewelry in a clean, dry place and it will age slowly, naturally, and beautifully.

If you have any questions please email me.